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KCC is back

As some of you may know, I have been in a bind as to the name of my little business.

The original name Kathy's Custom Crafts was the name I stared out with. Later on as I was creating my website, I thought, having a shorter name would be beneficial, so I decided to re-brand.

Wasn't too complicated, but it has caused a few complications and confusions.

I also found out that I have already created a little presence about my business out there and I was actually taking a step backwards when I made the change. So, yes this was a definite learning curve, but other than the name nothing has changed.

I will keep Kathy's Creation domain open, so others can still find me through it, however, the main name moving forward is Kathy's Custom Crafts or KCC as you will find my new logo.

I am still me and my business is still the same! The love of creating hand-crafted items of you and your loved ones are still here for when you need that one-of-a-kind gift.

Handmade with Love,


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